Ingredients to have at home for great tasting healthy eating

We all know that if the cupboards are full of the wrong foods we are more likely to eat them, the first thing you need to do if you are serious about changing your diet is to change whats in your fridge and cupboards.

Limit the amount of convenience products and take a mental note not to get sucked into marketing campaigns in supermarkets. I avoid them if possible for this very reason.I have composed a list of foods below to help you create the change

Here are some Ingredients to have at home for great tasting healthy eating
In the pantry

 Nuts
 Seeds
 Pearl Barley
 Soup mix
 Chick peas, Butter beans, Borlotti Beans, 3 bean mix, Cannelini beans some tinned for quick cookery)
 Lentils
 Split peas
 Polenta
 Brown rice
 Whole meal Flour
 Sea Salt or unrefined
 Good quality muesli (make your own)

 Multigrain wraps
 Rye bread
 Sourdough breads
 Wholemeal loaf
 Bagels
In the Fridge

Firstly and mostly plenty of fresh seasonal fruit and veggies
 Yoghurt
 Olives
 Capers
 Capeberries
 Gherkins
 Preseved lemons and limes
 Blanched lemon and lime zest in oil
 Butter
 Eggs

 Tahini paste
 Miso paste
 Tom yum paste
 Thai green, red or yellow curry pastes
 Make your own
Basil pesto
Sundried tomato pesto
or make your own from many other herbs and ingredients
Pickles and Chutney

Dried Herb and Spice Mixes

 Sumac
 Zatar
 Dukkah
 Chermoula
 Togarashi
 Dashi stock
 Mixed Herbs
 Turmeric
 Star anise
 Cinnamon
 Curry Powder and many more
High Heat Oils
 Coconut Oil
 Hemp oil
 Rice bran oils
 Canola oil
 Vegetable oil
Low heat Oils
 Flaxseed oil
 Avocado oil
 Sesame oil
 Extra virgin olive oil

 Cider Vinegar
 Rice wine vinegar
 Sherry vinegar
 Balsamic vinegar
 Red wine vinegar
 White wine vinegar
 Herb vinegars (make your own)

 Dijon
 Wholegrain
 American
 Hot English
 Horseradish
 Wasabi
From your Garden

 Parsley
 Kaffir lime
 Lemongrass
 Bay leaf tree
 Vietnamese mint
 Basil
 Oregano
 Rocket
 Purslane
 Stinging Nettels
 Nasturtium leaves
In the freezer

 Home made reduced stocks
 Fresh Fish, meat, poultry
 Freshly squeezed lemon juice, lime and orange juice
 Soya beans
 Peas
There are many many more but this is a guide to get you started and you have plenty of flavoursome foods to open your fridge, cupboard or pantry to cook from and some more confidence with cooking

Another reason to get in the kitchen and start experimenting with your new healthy ingredients


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