What Root/Tuber has the highest Iron content? Have a squiz to find out

The benefits of Artichokes ”Jerusalem”

The Jerusalem artichoke is high in two essential minerals: potassium and magnesium. Potassium is a mineral that helps your heart to beat properly, keeps your blood pressure in the healthy range and assists healthy muscle function decreasing muscle spasms and strain, other benefits include


Aids Digestion due to its high fibre content

Helps Diabetes Inulin helps keep blood sugar stable , like Globe artichokes they are high in inulin and are beneficial for individuals who have diabetes

Immune System Iron is an essential mineral that enables your body to produce healthy red blood cells and transports oxygen to every part of your body. Jerusalem artichokes contain more iron than any root or tuber vegetable. Its important for maintaining your immune system and helps protect against bad germs, bacteria and other substances.

Liver Health a diet high in iron can help protect against the damage caused by free radicals and also encourages healthy function of your liver

Reduces Risk of Cancer Due to theInulin which supports healthy bacteria in your stomach and colon.

Reduces inflammation and viral cough and cold


Fibre gives you energy, adding Jerusalem artichokes to your diet may help you boost your metabolism.


High Fibre content ingested with lots of water gives skin new softness and radiance. Additionally, keeping your skin  hydrated will help to diminish lines and wrinkles, and eliminate pimples and blackheads.


My Favorite way to eat Jerusalem artichokes is Raw leave the skin on just clean well

soups  like a potato like texture to cook

salads  they are similar to water chestnuts in texture

roast like other root vegetables, they have a waxy, nutty type flavour when cooked

pesto I prefer them raw and my favourite way to eat them is to treat them like a nut and use them as a substitute for them in dishes like that

So next time you see them don’t walk past pick them up and add some more variety into your diet today 


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