Alfalfa Sprouts, Read on & find out why they help treat depression and menopause


These amazing little creatures are one of the few reliable raw sources of protein (higher in protein than beef) their high in most B vitamins which can assist in treating neurological disorders, depression, chronic fatigue.A good source of folate, pantothenic acid, niacin, thiamine, vitamin K, amino acids and heaps more

They also assist

Acidic Bodies a very good alkaline food due to high levels of chlorophyll

Menopause It contains plant form equivalents of human estrogen

Constipation due to fiber content

Anti inflammatory reduce inflammation

Reduce Cholesterol due to its high fiber content

Stops excessive bleeding and bruising due to having one of the highest sources of naturally occurring Vitamin K

Other benefits include relieving rheumatism, asthma, hay fever, candida, lower back pain, bone disorders (including osteoporosis and fractures) indigestion, twitching muscles, dandruff, obesity, treating narcotic and alcohol addiction

Cardiovascular disorders such as athero sclerosis

Diabetes It has 0 glycemic index which means there’s no risk to people suffering with hypoglycemia

Blood building and Cleansing it has almost the same make up as human blood

Weight loss

Dried Leaves or Raw can be used as a tea in place of slimming pills, better tasting and way more nutritious

Reduces Fluid Retention due to high chlorophyl content

Speeds up elimination of waste in the colon which in turn assists weight loss

Fat burning ability and assisting digestive function is increased with regular consumption


Hair Health helps restore natural colour and build healthy strands

Skin luminosity Due to fast elimination of waste in the colon

Used for healing wounds and skin ailments when used as a skin wash


Sprouts are great used in wraps, sandwiches, salads, don’t limit it to that and grow your own they are a no brainer to grow at home

Top a haloumi and eggplant pizza with pomegranate seeds and alfalfa sprouts after its cooked or create your own sexy topping

The Flowers are edible and can be used to funk up the appearance of salads and other meals

“So No Excuses Guys come on Spring out of your chair and sprout some Alfalfa today”


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