Bananas, they dry out pimples, reduce pms mood swings & brown spots prevent against cancer

Bananas contain tryptophan, serotonin and norepinephrine, which help alleviate depression .There rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre, the B vitamins found help to calm and soothe the nervous system. B6 also alleviates the symptoms of irritability and sleeplessness.Recent studies have shown the skin of bananas and  flesh directly under have extremely high antioxidant activity and help prevent against cancer. High in potassium which give many other benefits, these include

Stomach Ulcers They contain a compound called as protease inhibitor which protects the stomach from unfriendly bacteria which cause stomach or gastrointestinal disturbances and have an antacid effect

Stabilise Blood Sugar Levels  responsible by vitamin B6, great after a good workout as the simple sugars assist in speedy work

Menstrual Cramps due to the high potassium content

PMS due to high B6 content

Bone health again from high potassium levels

Intestinal Health short chain fatty acids improve the nutrient absorption as they are essentially needed by the cells lining the intestinal tract to stay healthy

Kidney Stones Bananas reduce the risk

Weight loss

Fluid Retention from potassium levels

Reduce sweet cravings by stabilising blood sugar quickly when hungry and eliminating the desire for processed sugar or fat snack attack

In cases of extreme weight loss it can assist in stabilising as its such a nutrient rich food


Dry out Pimples  by rubbing the inside of the peel on the affected spot

As a hair moisturising mask mash banana, mix with olive oil, leave for 30 minutes, rinse and wash as normal

As a hand mask mash in mix with cream, pop some gloves on then wash off, smells good too

Skin Irritations can also be helped by rubbing the peel on the skin it can assist psoriasis, eczema in some and even mosquito bites


Freeze them and cook with them the darker and sloppier the better for cooking

Modern up the Classic old banana split with some vanilla gelato, toasted almonds, chai seeds and caramelised  honey

Sticky banana pudding instead of dates

Tempura bananas with coconut and lime sauce

Muffins with Banana, cream cheese, oats, linseed,s, sunflower seeds and almonds

Ice cream with Banana,natural yoghurt and skim milk custard

“So remember the Banana is beneficial not boring, just don,t go bananas” 




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