Custard Apple, not only does this baby taste like custard but also assists rebuilding bone tissue and elevates moods


Sweet and creamy, custard apple tastes like a dessert all by itself. Much healthier than your regular dessert, custard apple has many nutritional benefits that include a healthy digestion and prevention of arthritis and heart disease. A satisfying snack with a low glycemic index, custard apple in moderation can benefit weight loss by reducing the tendency to over-eat


Prevents cell damage Custard apple is a rich source of vitamin C, rich in antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals that may cause damage to cells

Arthritis The high magnesium levels in custard apple help to prevent wearing of the joints and maintaining a water balance in the body. Research has indicated that magnesium actually assists in rebuilding bone tissues

Elevates Moods custard apple contains vitamin B6, also known as the ‘mood vitamin’ which fights depression and helps to elevate your mood

Heart disease Rich in magnesium and potassium, custard apples contribute to decreasing the chance of heart disease by relaxing and strengthening the heart muscles

Treatment of skin disease the flesh of custard apples, directly applied on the skin, aids in healing boils, abscesses and ulcers

Weight Loss

Digestion the high copper content in custard apple together with the dietary fiber supplied by the fruit keeps the digestive tract healthy and helps regular digestion, preventing constipation.

Reduces overeating  Due to its low glycemic index of around 54, custard apples are a very satisfying food that although a little higher in calories than most fruits, actually reduce the tendency of overeating.


Skin and hair The vitamin A in custard apple gives you healthy glowing skin and luscious, shining hair. This vitamin is especially beneficial for those with thin brittle hair, acne and dry skin


Because of its sweet flavor and creamy texture, custard apple is often used in desserts. It is an excellent addition to a smoothie or milk shake. Mixing custard apple with vanilla and almond milk makes a healthy creamy shake

For an exotic sweet twist in your favorite curry, put some wedges of custard apple in just before serving. It tastes divine in a Thai red curry with chicken

Custard apple makes a great addition to an exotic fruit salad

So no excuse, next time you walk past them in the isles, pick them up and take them home, they will love your body back



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