Kiwi Fruit, aids digestions, DNA protector, contains more vitiman c per serve than oranges

English: A "red" Kiwi fruit Deutsch:...

English: A “red” Kiwi fruit Deutsch: Eine “rote” Kiwi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Health Benefits of Kiwi

This fuzzy, exotic fruit with the dazzling

green interior is a tropical treasure trove of vitamins, nutrients and minerals including more vitamin C per serving than oranges, vitamin E, Actinidain (a protein-dissolving enzyme), carotenoids, calcium, chromium, copper, fibre, flavonoids, folic acid, iron, magnesium, phytonutrients, potassium and zinc


Kiwis make people smile, and not only for their tangy punches of flavor and vibrant pops of color, but also because they have an amazing array of health benefits including but not limited to

Anti-cancer properties Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant, which combats the oxidative stress caused by cell-damaging free radicals

Arthritis Vitamin C, as anti-oxidant, deactivates the free radicals that cause the uncomfortable inflammation often associated with osteo-and-rheumatoid arthritis

Bone health Magnesium and potassium, as prevalent in kiwis, can help prevent age-related bone weakening and loss

Diabetes Due to its inherent fibre-richness, the kiwi fruit is a wonderful edible means of regulating blood sugar levels

Digestive health Actinidain, an enzyme found in kiwi, easily dissolves protein and helps with healthy, stress-free digestion.  The kiwi’s wealth of fibre can ease constipation and prevent various other intestinal conditions and discomforts

DNA The kiwi fruit’s high content of important anti-oxidants, with Vitamin C being just one, has the uncanny ability to well-protect our DNA from the oxidative stress associated with cell-damaging free radicals.  This is why anti-oxidants are so important in the proactive fight against cancer

Eye health Vitamins A, C and E, and carotenoids, have been shown to protect against macular degeneration and promote higher visual acuity

Heart health Eating kiwis on a regular basis have been proven to reduce blood clotting.  Vitamin C is known to lower blood pressure and fight atherosclerosis. Chromium helps regulate the heartbeat. The abundance of fibre in the kiwi fruit can lower cholesterol. Potassium also plays an important role in protecting the blood vessels and heart and lowering blood pressure, as well.

Immune system health Kiwis have an extraordinary amount of vitamin C.  One serving alone has over 200% the RDA! Eating kiwis will do wonders in boosting your immune system and staving off various infections and diseases.

Pregnancy Folic acid, as found in kiwis, is very important for expectant mothers as it helps prevent neural tube birth defects in unborn babies


Respiratory health Vitamin A is successful in treating respiratory ailments and has been shown to lessen the severity of asthma symptoms such as wheezing

Sleep disorders Kiwis have been studied to show that a fair intake of the fruit could actually improve and alleviate any sleep-related issues or problems


Anti-oxidant properties Vitamins A, C and E, as well as carotenoids are super-house anti-oxidants, which protect the body from cell-damaging free radicals and instead promote smooth, elastic skin, shiny, supple hair and strong, hearty nails.  Zinc also plays a role in doing this


Energy Magnesium boosts your energy level, so grab a kiwi before you hit your daily workout

Fibre One serving of kiwi has about 5 grams of fibre, which will keep your bowels regular and contribute to a more steady, healthy weight loss


 A sliced or decoratively carved kiwi makes for a delightful addition to any fancy fruit salad

Kiwi’s sweet tanginess makes it a natural for a whirl in the blender.  You can make it with almost any other zippy fruit of your liking, such as strawberries, for a luscious body-cooling summer smoothie

If you have a long, happily lazy Saturday stretched out in front of you, roll up your sleeves and make some lovely and unique kiwi jams or jellies

Kiwi is also a terrific component to add to a glistening sauce or glaze for your favorite lean protein such as pork tenderloin or white meat chicken skewers, blend and used on tough cuts of meat as a natural tenderiser before cooking

Add kiwi slices to your fresh fruit tart for pops of pretty color and punches of tropical taste

Some folks throw bits of kiwi into their homespun whole grain pancakes

And speaking of kiwi bits, toss them into a tropical summer salsa to serve with baked chips or as a garnish atop a seared white sea bass

Kiwi is always a pleasant surprise when added to a fresh tuna salad or a sweet and spicy shrimp ceviche

And aim to really impress your guests at your next al fresco gathering with a tray of kiwi-mint juleps

Kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Interesting fact about the kiwi fruit:  It was actually named after New Zealand’s national bird, the kiwi bird, due to its semblance of features


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