Cold Hard Australian Food Facts, supposed to be the lucky country but DID YOU KNOW

According to “THE AIHW Australia,s Food and Nutrition 2012



25 percent of men and 10 percent of woman aged 65 and over dont eat enough protien foods


Six in 10 adults are overweight or obese, with the latest national data showing 36 percent are obese

Poor dietary intake increases the risk of developing chronic disease such as heart disease, diabetes and some cancers

The good news is that an adequate intake of nutrients based on dietary recommendations are being achieved

However many Australians are not following a balanced diet, leaning towards food high in fat and sugar.These foods contribute to 36 percent of energy intake for adults and 41 percent for children which is far higher than recommended

9 OUT OF 10 adults are not eating enough vegetables, and only 50 percent are not eating enough vegetables and only 50 percent are eating enough fruit

Whether people choose to eat healthily or unhealthily is often based on economics rather than nutrition. The cost of healthy food is increasing at a faster rate than the cost of less healthy food


When we know what to do, Why arent we doing it……. Most of us know whats right and wrong. Facts show that 80 percent of weightloss is diet based, watch out for coming soon, research shows those who are supported during and after the process of change are 90 percent more likely to achieve long term results


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