Flu Busters, theres fact in you can catch a chill if you get cold no matter what time of year it is

There,s facts to keep warm 


The flu virus is more stable in the cold so it actually has way more chance of taking hold of you if you are cold. Our nasal passages dry out aswell making it easier to creep into our immune systems

Here are some tips on how to keep the cold at bay the womans healthy chef way with eating, natural, healthy lifestyle


Is a great way to kill any virus in the body and detox, it can also shorten the time and severity of a cold if you already have one


Look for nourishng broths, soups, stews, hotpots, curries to keep your body warm. Food is digested at 37c according to a chinese medicine practicioner. You can also add chilli, ginger, cayenne pepper, wasabi, horseradish, turmeric and ginseng to improve the circulation and keep your body warm


Warm lemon, honey and water as a great way to start the day and keep the flu away, herbal teas are also a fantastic way too keep you warm, make sure you add some immune boosting ingredients to them such as dandelion, chamomile, ginseng, mint, fennel, lemongrass and cinnamon are some good ingredients too look for


Is more than good for the soul, yep it’s a flu buster research now shows that it aids in the reduction of upper respitorary cold symptoms and helps clear nasal mucous due to a compound called carnosine


Sweet potato, carrots, pumpkin and beetroot are naturally high in beta carotene

Antioxidants which in turn helps liver function. Add them to soups and warm food for an extra boost. Add an orange into the cavity of your next roast chicken and mix the juice into your gravy


With lactobacillus reuteri has been proven if consumned daily to reduce sick days due to respitarory and  gastrointestinal illnesses, make sure you check the tub for correct ingredients


Contain lenthinan, which helps the immune system stay strong, fanstastic in soups, broths, curries and stews


A longtime known fighter of bacteria and viral infections, add it too your lemon, honey and some chicken stock as a base for cooking a winter warming dish in


Are high in vitiman c, b, amino acids, zinc and antioxidants making them a great flu fighter. Add some too your day


Are high in omega 3, magnesium and manganese, they are a great antioxidant and can be easily added to your warm bowl dishes for winter, great in frittatas, muffins, quinoa for some extra added crunch


Vitiman D, lets face it is hard to get enough from the sun and when you are stuck in an office or worried about skin damage, low D levels make respitorary problems 40 percent more frequent, consuming oily fish twice a week can really help boost your levels

 TIP; Next time you feel chilly cook some goodness with the tips above and freeze with a label flu buster so you just have to grab it and re heat when you are feeling poorly. Go to http://www.womanshealthychef.com and subscribe now more free tips

Green Goddess Restaurant, New Orleans. Sweet p...

Green Goddess Restaurant, New Orleans. Sweet potato soup. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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