Got the Moody Blues, Munch your way out of it with these Depression Busters


Get of the Couch and fill your belly with some food full of Goodness

Its proven exercise, a positive outlook and some good scientifically proven foods can all assist greatly, so do something good for yourself and you may just feel a little bit better knowing you have

Blue Berries

They are known to stimulate neurogenisis which helps the brain avoid depression

Brown Rice

High in vitiman B, gluten can cause big highs followed by big lows if you are gluten sensitive


If vitiman c in the body is high,  research has found the body calms down faster


Coffee is high in antioxidants and research shows a 10 percent decrease in depression

Dark Green Veggies

Have high levels of caretonoids and can assist in de stressing the body

Grassfed Meat

Grass fed meat if consumed regularly can assist the risk of depression by 50 percent

Orange and Yellow fruit and veggies

Have high levels of carotenoids, a recent study found that people who consumne high levels are more optimistic about the future


Is a wheat free grain that has been shown to assist gluten free withdrawals

Salmon, Sardines and Mackerel 

Are rich in vitiman D, research has shown women who suffer from depression suffer greater levels if they have a lack vitiman D


Research shows that people with high levels of protein are at a higher risk depression, the high folate content of spinach is known to help lower the inflammatory chemical in the body known as c reactive protein

Olives/ Oilve Oil

High in omega 3,s and the Mediterranean diet has a 30 percent decrease in depression which olives and oils are a major feature

A few Rays of sunshine, bake, blend, whisk, chop, dress up, a lick of lippy, cuddle a puppy, walk in bare feet, a good download with a friend, music, gardening , reading, quite time or something that flicks your switch that,s just for you, be kind to yourself.

Hope you feel better already



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