Christmas Beer and Other Cheer, The lowest calorie options to keep your body in shape

日本語: 乾杯

日本語: 乾杯 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


From a study of 9 beers these two came out on top in Australia, check your local brews to find out yours


Hahn premium light  & Cascade premium light

2.6gm alcohol                 2.6 gms alcohol

Carbs 10.9                    Carbs 11.3 gms

KJ 428                          Kj 428

Benefits of Cooking with Beer

Marinating meat in beer can help reduce the carcinogens produced in meat cooked at very high temperatures, slash the meat and steep in beer 4 hours before bbqing  reduces harmful carcinogens in cooked meat by 90 percent (a study by the university of porto)

Why Vodka?

Its the purest spirit to drink and low in Calories when mixed with soda and fresh lime or fruit infusions to add some nutrients back into your body, side swipe the soft drink mixers and you will be well ahead

Spritzers without the Sugary Mixers

Made with dry white wine and soda or mineral water, skip the lemonade

Or Simply just half the amount you would drink and do your liver a favor

Enjoy some Christmas Cheer but dont be stuck with it all year  xxxx

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English: Macro photograph of coca-cola bubbles...

English: Macro photograph of coca-cola bubbles. Deutsch: Makro-Fotografie von Coca-Cola-Bläschen. Japanese: コカ・コーラの泡のマクロ写真。 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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