Free Christmas Wellness Secret, you can take anywhere, anytime it starts in your mind

Happy people

Happy people (Photo credit: Ethnocentrics)

Wellness is a confusing term for many, I find it best to explain simply as  emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritual

The Bad news is our Western Ways have made some of these more difficult to achieve but tommorrow is a good day to do something good for yourself and for the ones you love, here are some tips from me


Say something kind to yourself and to everyone around you that you find attractive about them. Remember its better to be aware of your feelings and accept them than deny them and have an optimistic approach to life over a pessimistic one,


Tommorrow is a day you have time to spend with others, if you wish or no one if you wish, do something active a walk, a swim, a game of cricket, football, tennis, soccer, hop scotch, elastics or twister. Exercise helps produce Happy feel good hormones, yep and Smile its a fact that physically smiling makes you feel happier


At the end of the day write a list of all the things you are truly grateful for in your life, It may be having someone to share your day with, having a hot shower, the nutritious food you consumed,clean water to drink, a flower to smell, the things we often just take for granted in our lives, be aware of them and be grateful


Spend some time in Nature, Take some time to yourself 5 minutes breath in slowly and deeply through your nose and let the breath out though your mouth to clear your mind, then visualise what you want to bring in your life. Read a positive qoute daily for me thinking of Nelson Mandela or the Dalia Lama put me there instantly

Wishing each and everyone of you good things for today and everyday xxx

English: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! E...

English: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Español: Feliz Navida y prospero año nuevo! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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