Want to look hot for Valentines day, Sizzle with food for beauty

English: Love heart

English: Love heart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Take a Pamper day for yourself and give yourself plenty of time to Chill ax and make you feel good

Cleanse your face Plain acidophilus yogurt

Silky Hair  an egg yolk and olive oil wrap in plastic 

Long Soak and Scrub In a bath with a small bag of Oats, then  dry Lemon juice and fine sea salt scrub, this will help detoxify you aswell

Exfoliate the face ground almond meal

The Mask any food that’s good for your skin type

Avocado for soothing and nourishing

Mashed banana and a little lemon juice for soothing, hydrating and detoxifying

Egg white for tightening and firming

Manuka Honey for antibacterial, deep cleansing and healing

Mashed Strawberry and plain yogurt for oily skin

Aloe Vera gel directly applied for antibacterial, cool and soothing

Beautiful sexy eyes

Beautiful sexy eyes (Photo credit: AN–Photography)

Smokin Hot Eyes

Thinly sliced potato, cucumber or green tea bags lay back and gently press on eyes whilst relaxing with your hair treatment in

Sensual Smooth Lips 

 brown sugar and olive oil and gently scrub

beautiful red lips

beautiful red lips (Photo credit: Orofacial)

Facial Firming Exercises

Moisturize by adding a few drops of some patchouli oil with sweet almond  oil and massage into your skin for soft luscious curves

You will simply be Good enough to eat 

Denise Eats An Oatmeal Cream Pie. Yum! - 8/24/03

At the end of the night remember to remove your makeup with cold pressed vegetable oils before you slip into the sheets 


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