Herbs at Food Market

The Importance of herbs and spices to your well being
Most people are very unaware of the benefits of herbs in the every day diet and what benefits they have
Natural Health researchers say that most health problems today are caused by what we eat.

Poor eating habits with little consideration for poor nutrition being linked to half the death statistics, herbs gives pleasure, satisfaction and physical exercise
The Aroma of herbs delights the senses which revitalizes the body
 Aids digestion many herbs stimulate the digestive juices Support the self healing process by giving the body what it needs
 Detoxing, herbs can assist greatly in removing the toxins from the body
Rich in Chlorophyll which is the green colour in plants, it promotes rejuvenation of old cells, building blood, good intestinal flora, regular bowel elimination and increased circulation of blood and oxygen. All the above boost the immune system and energy levels
 Alkalize the body too much acid food and beverage the body causes acid build up. This causes excessive pain and lack of well being, aswell as stress. Many herbs are alkaline assisting to balance the body
Taste great and reduce the need to add sugar, salt and fat to make a meal appetizing
 Full of Antioxidants which help the body rid free radicals, impurities which can cause serious illness if allowed to build up in the body
 Natural Antibiotic some herbs have antibiotic properties such as aloe vera, burdock, Comfrey, Echinacea, Herb Robert, Indian ginseng, Lovage, Milk thistle, Nasturtium and Watercress, avoiding commercial ones are important they can eventually weaken our immune system
 Pain relieving properties Agrimony, Indian ginseng and mullein are some, some herbs work as an inflammatory to reduce pain
Electro magnetic functions which help harmonise the vibration and efficiency of the cells, a highly complex system of the body
Speed up the metabolism  ginger, chili , black pepper, fennel, dandelion tea and green tea
They can be administered in a number of methods
 Tea by infusion
 Maceration
 Oils
 Liniments
 Ointments and Creams
 Aromatherapy

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As nature’s own anti-inflammatory pills, the health benefits of cherries include reduction of inflammation, prevention of heart disease, promotion of weight-loss and the destruction of cancer cells. But the nutritional value of cherries goes even further than that. Antioxidants in cherries protect the brain from damage and have amazing anti-aging properties, while melatonin supports the body’s sleep cycles. Cherries come in sweet and tart variations, with most health benefits accredited to the tart cherry


Anti Inflammatory Cherries are extremely rich in anthocyanins, a powerful antioxidant that is responsible for the fruit’s red pigment. Fighting cyclooxygenase enzymes, the anthocyanins in cherries are said to be as powerful as substances found in anti-inflammatory drugs, but without the bad side-effects

Heart According to a study by the University of Michigan, eating cherries contributes towards a healthy heart. The study revealed that a cherry rich diet decreases inflammation, body weight and cholesterol, which are all major factors for heart-health

Brain The antioxidants in cherries protect the brain by neurtalizing free radicals that are produced by the brain when it uses oxygen through mental activity. This property may make cherries an important fruit in preventing Alzheimers disease

Fights Cancer  Antioxidants in cherries, like anthocyanins, are found to inhibit the growth and development of cancer cells. Tart cherries contain more of these cancer-fighting antioxidants than its sweet variation.

Aids sleep cycle Rich in melatonin, cherries help sooth the nervous system, relieving insomnia and supporting the body’s sleep cycles.



Anti-aging the antioxidants in cherries help repair damage to cells in our bodies, slowing down the aging process.

Beauty sleep thanks to the melatonin in cherries, which aids in restful sleep, this fruit will help you look fresh and rested.


cherries are a great snack or make a healthy addition to your breakfast cereal, smoothies and desserts.

Make a healthier version if the classic cherry tart by substituting part of the flour by whole-wheat flour, using an unrefined sugar and adding Greek yoghurt

sauce made from cherries tastes great with roasted duck or chicken. For an Asian twist on this sauce, add some lemon juice, ginger and soy sauce to the classic combination of cherries and port

Or pickled in mirin, they are fantastic all year round

“Sweeten up the love of your life by sharing a beaudelicous bowl of cherries”



Bean sprouts are the first edible growth of a plant and can be grown quickly and easily from dried beans. This makes them an ideal food during times of crisis or food shortage. When selecting beans, be sure to buy beans that are specially prepared for sprouting. Using bulk dried seeds that are not intended for sprouting will result in only a few beans sprouting while the others ferment and ruin the entire batch.With Vitamins A, B, C, and E
Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Niacin, Phosphorus, Potassium, All Essential Amino Acids and  making them an excellent choice

Bean sprouts are high in protein, offering up more protein per gram than leafy green vegetables such as spinach or kale. Soybean sprouts are actually 28 percent protein, which is more than meat (19 percent) and eggs (13 percent)


Immune System Bean sprouts contain around 14 mg of vitamin C per 1-cup serving. Vitamin C keeps you healthy by helping your immune system fight off bacteria and viruses

Anti Oxidant fights free radicals that damage your cells. Damage from free radicals can lead to chronic diseases, such as cancer

Low Glycemic Index Sprouts are low on the glycemic index, which means that they will not cause dramatic fluctuations in blood sugar

Healthy Cells, Tissues and Organs Bean sprouts are naturally high in a mineral called potassium that is needed for proper functions of all cells, tissues and organs. Potassium is an elecrolyte, meaning it helps pass electricity through your body.This process assists your heart beat and makes your muscles contract

Weight loss

Low calories A serving of bean sprouts accounts for less than 2 percent of your total calories for the entire day. If you are trying to lose or maintain your body weight, filling your plate with bean sprouts will fill you up without making you feel guilty

High Fiber Including bean sprouts in your diet may help maintain your weight, since they contain fiber. Fibrous foods, like bean sprouts, take longer for you to chew. Your body will register that it is full sooner, which can prevent overeating. Your body cannot break down fiber, so it sits in your gut and helps move food along, causing you to feel full for a long time after eating


Collagen Your body utilizes vitamin C to make collagen, an important component that helps wounds heal and keep skin strong and taught. In addition to this, vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and fights free radicals that damage your cells


Use mung, soy, garbanzo, kidney, pinto,black turtle and adzuki beans

A fantastic addition to flavour some broth style soups to add some crunch to finish

Sensational in stir fries, a great way to add extra protein in a veggie, tofu, black bean and cashew nut and other combinations you may like

Add to wraps, tarts and rolls for texture and variety

Zing up a salad with these tasty treats or why not make a salad with a variety of sprouts i.e soy, mung and lentil sprout salad

A fabulous way to sexy up little party starters, use them in rice paper rolls,a garnish for mini goat cheese tartlets, add to mini salads for a change or simply use in place of herbs to garnish

“Invest in a sprouter today and save on your wallet as well as your waist”