The Health Benefits of Peppercorns


Black peppercorns are actually berries that grow on the pepper plant in tropical climates.  Peppercorns are rich in Vitamin A, B-complex Vitamins such as niacin, pyridoxine, riboflavin and thiamin, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, calcium, carotenes, copper, cryptoxanthin, dietary fibre, iron, lycopene, magnesium, manganese, potassium and an essential oil called piperine




Peppercorns (and ground pepper) are part and parcel of most kitchen pantries these days, but little may you know that they actually have a munificent range of outstanding health benefits including but not limited to

Anti-cancer properties Vitamin A, Vitamin C, carotenes, cryptoxanthin, lycopene, Zea-xanthin all have astounding anti-oxidant abilities that can fend off cell-damaging potentially cancer-causing free radicals.  Vitamin C is especially effective against cancers of the cervix, esophagus, oral cavity, pancreas, rectum and stomach.  Piperine, a chemical compound in pepper, may actually prevent the growth of breast cancer tumors

Anti-inflammatory properties Vitamin C wages battle against cell-damaging free radicals that often cause inflammation in those suffering from osteo-arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis


Digestive health Pepper increases hydrochloric acid secretion in the stomach, which aids in proper digestion of proteins and other foodstuffs.  If hydrochloric acid is running low, food tends to stay in the stomach and/ or intestines for a longer period of time, and this can result in constipation, diarrhea, flatulence, heartburn and indigestion.  Black pepper is also a diuretic, which will facilitate urination

Eye health Vitamin A is essential for healthy eye tissue and protects the eyes from age-related macular degeneration

Healthy bones and teeth Vitamin C is crucial for healthy gums.  Vitamin A is essential for strong teeth

Heart health Vitamin C can fight atherosclerosis and lower blood pressure.  Potassium controls the heart rate and blood pressure.  Lycopene prevents LDL, or “bad cholesterol” from doing damage to arterial walls

Immune system health Vitamin C is key in building and maintaining a strong immune system and warding off and lessening the symptoms of an almost innumerable amount of disease ranging from the common cold to the flu to the HIV virus.  Black pepper has known anti-bacterial properties, which can kill germs.  Black pepper is a great home remedy for thinning out nasal congestion

Vitamin absorption Piperine, an amine alkaloid, can increase the absorption of beta-carotene, B-complex vitamins and selenium


Anti-oxidant properties Rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, carotenes, cryptoxanthin, lycopene, Zea-xanthin, these anti-oxidant superstars will do wonders for your hair, skin and nails and can prevent the signs of premature aging



The outer layer of the black peppercorn, in particular, is highly effective in blocking fat formation in the body by breaking down fat cells.  It also stimulates the metabolic rate, sweating and is a terrific diuretic



Naturally, pepper is used as a companion seasoning to salt on well, just about everything, but if you are mindful of your salt intake, you can use pepper as a stand-alone seasoning.  Why?  Well, besides the fact that it is delicious and healthy, it actually contains a minute amount of salt

Try this classic French dish, Steak Au Poivre, on for size. You can lighten it up by swapping some of the traditional high calorie higher-fat elements with healthier substitutes.   Choose two lean grass fed sirloin steaks, coat them with 2 teaspoons of Dijon mustard and press a tablespoon or so of black peppercorns into the flesh.  Sear the steaks on one side for about 4 minutes and finish them off in the oven at 350 degrees for an additional 7 minutes.

For the sauce, add a teaspoon of olive oil to the skillet and turn up to high.  Add a ¼ cup of quality red drinking wine, 1/3 cup low-sodium chicken or veggie broth and let reduce for 3 minutes.   Add 2 teaspoons of unsalted butter and a pinch of salt and remove from heat.  Once the mix has cooled a tad, add 2 tablespoons of low-fat sour cream and serve over the rested steaks.  Bon appetit

The disparity between a restaurant’s price and food quality rises in direct proportion to the size of the pepper mill.  ~Bryan Q. Miller


English: mushrooms

English: mushrooms (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Health Benefits of Mushrooms

Mushrooms are laden with nutritional goodness including Vitamin D aka the “sunshine vitamin,” B vitamins such as niacin, pantothenic acid and riboflavin, Beta-glucans, copper, ergothioneine, good fibre content, potassium, selenium and long-chain polysaccharides 


These astoundingly powerful little fungi are a perennial favorite in the produce aisle amongst health-minded individuals as they are practically limitless in variety, eager sponges to soak up flavor and have innumerable health benefits including but not limited to

Anti-cancer properties Mushrooms have been shown to reduce the risk of certain forms of cancer.  Selenium has the ability to protect women from bladder cancer.  They also contain “aromatase inhibitors,” which may prevent the development of breast cancer in women.  In addition, mushrooms contain certain compounds, still being studied, that show promise in halting prostate enlargement and prohibiting prostate cancer in men

Bone health Copper and Vitamin D both help maintain strong and healthy bones less likely to lose mass as one ages.  Vitamin D, in particular, helps absorb calcium, which is critical for good bone health and can prevent osteoporosis

Diabetes help Mushrooms are incredibly low on the glycemic index and consuming mushrooms on a regular basis can help lower blood glucose levels

Digestive system health Niacin helps the digestive system function properly

Heart health Selenium is a mineral that works much like an anti-oxidant by shielding the body’s cells from harmful free radicals that could lead to coronary disease.  Potassium helps regulate blood pressure.  The relatively high insoluble fibre content in mushrooms can help lower and maintain healthy blood cholesterol levels.  Anti-oxidant ergothioneine prevents atherosclerosis.  Mushrooms are cholesterol-free, virtually fat-free and low in sodium, all news to cheer about for those concerned about their heart health

Immune system health Mushrooms are known to have strong anti-biotic properties and such modern medicines as penicillin and tetracycline actually derive from this miracle fungus.   Because of their long-chain polysaccharides, selenium content and rare anti-oxidant ergothioneine, mushrooms have outstanding effects on the immune system such as fighting infections and decreasing inflammation.  Riboflavin maintains healthy red blood cells and Beta-glucans are natural immune system boosters

Men’s health Selenium has been said to increase fertility in men

Nervous system health Copper, niacin, pantothenic acid and potassium all work to ensure a well-functioning nervous system

Urinary system health Selenium does wonders in maintaining a healthy bladder



Anti-oxidant properties Ergothioneine is a lesser-known anti-oxidant that protects the body’s cells from free radical damage.  Cremini and Portobello mushrooms, in particular, are extremely high in their anti-oxidant prowess.  Anti-oxidants will strengthen your hair follicles and make you less likely to experience split ends.  They make the skin more supple and elastic and the nails strong and resilient.




Nutritional intake Mushrooms are extremely low in calories, ranging between 15 and 42 calories per cup, dependent, of course, on the variety of mushroom.  They are also completely fat-free, cholesterol-free and quite low in sodium.  Rich in fibre and readily absorbent of flavor, they are a fantastic means of sating your hunger and taste cravings while making your belly feel full.  Their decent fibre content, especially when cooked and rid of their water content, will keep your body flushed out on a regular basis, which of course means more regular weight loss


Metabolism Beta-glucans help metabolize fats and sugars in the body and B-vitamins are notorious for converting carbohydrates into much needed fuel to give you energy throughout your day.  B-vitamins also assist in successfully metabolizing fats and proteins




Mushrooms come in such a wide gamut of varieties you can spend your whole culinary existence having fun experimenting with different shapes, textures and flavor profiles

Stuffed mushroom caps as an appetizer are always a big hit at parties or use big ones for a meal all on their own.  First, line a lightly oiled baking tray with your favorite fresh, stemmed mushrooms.  In a bowl, combine roughly cut cashew nuts, a few minced garlic cloves, a couple of turns of quality EVOO, a splash of lemon juice,baby spinach and finish with a dollop of persian fetta  Stuff the mushroom cavities and bake them in the oven for a good twenty minutes or so.

For a sumptuous appetizer, or even a meal in and of itself on a cold winter’s day, concoct a steaming pot of cannelini bean and mushroom soup.  All you need are cooked cannelini beans, tahini paste, some butter,  chicken or vegetable broth, as many of your favorite mushrooms, two minced garlic cloves, an onion, two ribs of celery, salt and pepper to taste.

Portobello mushroom and Lentil burgers are a popular favorite amongst vegans, vegetarians and carnivores alike as they are thick and meaty and stand up well to grilling.  Spice them as you would your favorite burger using lentil patties as the bread, thrown on a slice of grilled haloumi cheese, some avocado, fresh rocket and well grilled mushies, top with some homemade tomato relish, and you will be in savory burger heaven.

“I am… a mushroom; On whom the dew of heaven drops now and then.” ~John Ford

Portobello mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



English: Golden Flesh Yukon Gold Potato

English: Golden Flesh Yukon Gold Potato (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Health Benefits of Potatoes

 Potatoes are packed with Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, caffeic acid, carotenoids, complex carbohydrates, copper, fibre, folic acid, kukoamines, flavonoids, manganese, potassium and quercetin


 The humble yet historic potato got a bit of a bad rap in more recent times, with many folks falsely assuming it is a less healthy vegetable in part due to the deep frying frenzy.  But in all actuality, this innocuous-looking spud is relatively low in calories and fat and absolutely laden with outstanding health benefits including but not limited to

Anti-cancer properties Rich in fibre, eating a moderate amount of potatoes on a consistent basis will stimulate regular bowel movements and keep the colon clean and in less prolonged contact with toxic wastes that can result in colon cancer.   Anti-oxidant Vitamin C, in its role as an anti-oxidant, fights off cell-damaging free radicals and reduces one’s risk of developing cervical cancer, esophageal cancer, oral cavity cancer, pancreatic cancer, rectal cancer and stomach cancer.  Quercetin has been found to arrest tumor growth

Arthritis Vitamin C and quercetin are anti-inflammatory anti-oxidants, which can alleviate the troublesome inflammation often associated with osteo-arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

Asthma Vitamin C can calm an asthma attack by reducing wheezing

Bone and teeth health Vitamin C is a must-have for healthy gums.  Vitamin C is also responsible for repairing bones, cartilage, ligaments and tendons

 Digestive health People sometimes avoid potatoes because they are “too starchy,” when in fact, the starch therein is predominantly “indigestible,” which basically means it passes through the stomach whole, adds helpful bulk to the diet and aids in healthy bowel movements

 Heart health Vitamin C can lower blood pressure and fight atherosclerosis.  B6 helps control levels of homocysteine levels in the blood, and high levels of homocysteine (an amino acid) have been linked to heart disease.  Potassium regulates the heart rate and blood pressure    Magnesium regulates the pumping of the heart and relaxes the blood vessels.  Adequate fibre can actually reduce cholesterol

 Immune system health Vitamin C is vital in strengthening the immune system as a whole and staving off a wide range of diseases and infections ranging from the common cold to influenza the HIV virus.  It can also lessen the severity of symptoms if one is already afflicted

Mood Vitamin B6 promotes a healthy nervous system and can regulate mood and promote peaceful slumber, as it is responsible for making neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin.  Vitamin B6 also produces adrenaline and GABA.  Adrenaline enables us to react to and cope with stress in a healthy manner.  GABA is connected to relaxation and an overall sense of well-being

Pregnancy Doctors often urge expectant mothers to take adequate amounts of folic acid in order to prevent neural tube birth defects in newborn babies


 Anti-oxidant properties The anti-oxidants in potatoes, namely flavonoid quercetin and Vitamin C, war against cell-damaging free radicals and protect our bodies from oxidative stress, which often causes the signs of premature aging including fine lines and wrinkles.  These powerful anti-oxidants also ensure strong hair and resilient nails, both of which are less prone to breakage

Apply thinly sliced Potato to the eye area to remove puffiness


 Energy Vitamin B6 is a favorite amongst athletes as it converts the carbs you eat into energy, and potatoes are filled with complex carbohydrates and vitamin B6.  It’s a win-win situation for those seeking more sustainable energy to get through the day and still fit in a good workout

Fibre One large potato has a munificent 6 grams of fibre!  This abundance of fibre will keep your belly full, your appetite saited between meals and your body flushed out on a regular basis, all of which will contribute to more steady weight loss

Nutritional intake Potatoes, contrary to popular belief, are actually relatively moderate in calories with one large baking potato having approximately 278.  That same potatoes has less than 1 gram of total fat


 While, of course, very little else compares to a steaming bowl of mashed potatoes as comfort food, there are a multitude of unique potato-centric recipes out there for the savoring, the trick however is putting them with non fatty foods which in fact is possibly why its been given a bad rap

For a sumptuous yet healthy bowl of soup, try making a low-fat version of a  Leek and Potato Soup.  In a large pot, heat 2 teaspoons of oil and add 2 minced shallots, 3 sliced leeks and 1 pound of peeled and cubed Yukon Gold potatoes.  Cook on medium heat for about 5 minutes.  Add 1 cup of  chicken or veggie broth and 1 2/3 cups of skim milk.  Simmer on medium to medium-low heat for ½ an hour and then blend the mixture to a smooth consistency.  Serve in pretty soup bowls and garnish with chive snippets and add a handful of chai seeds for texture

Bake and fill with a greek yoghurt mix with mustard, fetta, avocado, smoked tomato and watercress for a tasty, healthy lunch

Roast with a little olive oil and sea salt as a snack with a little cumin and serve with a freshly made baba ganoush, beetroot dip or hommus

 must be a pretty decent sort of fellow.”  ~A.A. Milne



1 and a half russet potato with sprouts. Slice...

1 and a half russet potato with sprouts. Sliced (left) and whole (right). About 4 1/2 inches (11.5 cm) in length. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


There,s facts to keep warm 


The flu virus is more stable in the cold so it actually has way more chance of taking hold of you if you are cold. Our nasal passages dry out aswell making it easier to creep into our immune systems

Here are some tips on how to keep the cold at bay the womans healthy chef way with eating, natural, healthy lifestyle


Is a great way to kill any virus in the body and detox, it can also shorten the time and severity of a cold if you already have one


Look for nourishng broths, soups, stews, hotpots, curries to keep your body warm. Food is digested at 37c according to a chinese medicine practicioner. You can also add chilli, ginger, cayenne pepper, wasabi, horseradish, turmeric and ginseng to improve the circulation and keep your body warm


Warm lemon, honey and water as a great way to start the day and keep the flu away, herbal teas are also a fantastic way too keep you warm, make sure you add some immune boosting ingredients to them such as dandelion, chamomile, ginseng, mint, fennel, lemongrass and cinnamon are some good ingredients too look for


Is more than good for the soul, yep it’s a flu buster research now shows that it aids in the reduction of upper respitorary cold symptoms and helps clear nasal mucous due to a compound called carnosine


Sweet potato, carrots, pumpkin and beetroot are naturally high in beta carotene

Antioxidants which in turn helps liver function. Add them to soups and warm food for an extra boost. Add an orange into the cavity of your next roast chicken and mix the juice into your gravy


With lactobacillus reuteri has been proven if consumned daily to reduce sick days due to respitarory and  gastrointestinal illnesses, make sure you check the tub for correct ingredients


Contain lenthinan, which helps the immune system stay strong, fanstastic in soups, broths, curries and stews


A longtime known fighter of bacteria and viral infections, add it too your lemon, honey and some chicken stock as a base for cooking a winter warming dish in


Are high in vitiman c, b, amino acids, zinc and antioxidants making them a great flu fighter. Add some too your day


Are high in omega 3, magnesium and manganese, they are a great antioxidant and can be easily added to your warm bowl dishes for winter, great in frittatas, muffins, quinoa for some extra added crunch


Vitiman D, lets face it is hard to get enough from the sun and when you are stuck in an office or worried about skin damage, low D levels make respitorary problems 40 percent more frequent, consuming oily fish twice a week can really help boost your levels

 TIP; Next time you feel chilly cook some goodness with the tips above and freeze with a label flu buster so you just have to grab it and re heat when you are feeling poorly. Go to and subscribe now more free tips

Green Goddess Restaurant, New Orleans. Sweet p...

Green Goddess Restaurant, New Orleans. Sweet potato soup. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Turmeric Root

Turmeric Root (Photo credit: Steenbergs)

Tumeric This Super Hero is part of the ginger family, it’s a very strong anti flammatory and is not only used for cooking and medicine, it’s a cosmetic ingredient and dye. It assists period pain, rheumatoid arthritis, anti cancer, anti fungal, analgesic, stimulant, aromatic, stomach ulcers, irritable bowel, lymph gland problems, hemmorrhoids, staphylococcus, jaundice, nose bleed, reduced fevers, intestinal parasites

 Turmeric is a double whammy against normal aging with its skin promotion and antioxidant capabilities

Supporting your memory function due to antioxidants

Promoting your heart health yep again those mighty antioxidants called curcuminoids

Boosting your immune system due to those free radical fighters

Supports your overall eye health

Aids your skeletal system and joint health

Helps you maintain healthy cells with support against free radicals

Balances the health of your digestive system as it triggers bile flow

Aids healthy blood and your circulatory system supporting healthy liver function

Helps you maintain normal cholesterol levels to support your cardiovascular system as it binds cholesterol to fibre and removes the bodies waste products

Assists your neurological system’s healthy response to stress

Promotes a healthy female reproductive system assists healthy hormone function due to detoxification

Promotes your healthy nervous system and helps occasional discomfort with pain relief

Helps you maintain blood sugar levels already within the normal range


Cleanse the skin through cleaning the blood

Balance the skins natural flora with its antibiotic properties

Nourish the skin and has been ailed the skin food for thousands of years, Supports your absorption of vitamins and minerals


Promotes the wellness of your  circulatory system which assists weight-loss

Antioxidants remove toxins from the blood making it easier for the body to shed excess fat


The leaves are used in Asian cookery by using large leaves to wrap around white and red meats, adding a mild flavor during cooking

The Young leaves and flowers are lightly steamed and eaten

Turmeric is the base and essential ingredient of curry powder. make your own by blending peeled root with ginger, garlic, onion add black pepper and olive oil to increase the antioxidant level

Use in dhal and Bean dishes

Use a little powder to color biscuits

Add to Pickles for color i.e Cauliflower

Add to couscous, rice, quinoa, barley and with some vegetable stock or chicken stock as a good accompaniment to a meal

A great additive to soups, dressings and sauces

Fact; Turmeric has been held in high esteem in Ayurvedic medicine and theraptic benefits are spread over many areas, studies now prove that tumeric is responsible for the lack of many prodominetly western diseases in India

English: Turmeric plant found in Dakshina Kann...

English: Turmeric plant found in Dakshina Kannada district of India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Lychee fruit

Lychee fruit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Health Benefits of Lychee fruit


Lychees are remarkable little fruits absolutely packed with nutritional goodies including powerful anti-oxidants such as oligonol (a polyphenol), a tremendous amount of Vitamin C, a very good amount of dietary fibre including pectin, a good share of calcium, copper, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and protein and a fair source of B-complex vitamins including folates, niacin, riboflavin and thiamin


This sweet and incredibly juicy little fruit that harkens back to ancient times, is still a revered favorite amongst health-conscious individuals who enjoy its addictive taste and appreciate its immense health benefits including but not limited to

Anti-cancer properties Lychees contain flavonoids in the pulp and can thwart the growth of cancer cells; breast cancer cells, in particular.   Oligonol protects the skin from harmful UV rays in addition to fighting off those potentially cancer-causing free radicals alongside its compatriot anti-oxidant, Vitamin C.  Calcium lowers the risk of colon cancer.  Copper produces red blood cells.  Pectin is a high soluble fibre that protects against colon cancer by ridding the tract of harmful toxins

Blood health Oligonol improves general blood flow

Bone health Calcium is crucial for healthy bones and prevents osteoporosis.  Copper produces healthy collagen, which is a key component in healthy bones.  Vitamin C is crucial for the proper formation of collagen, which is an imperative foundation for bone mineralization and proper bone density.  Proper potassium intake reduces the risk of bone loss


Heart health Oligonol induces proper blood flow and prevents blood clots.  Potassium helps regulate the heart rate and control blood pressure.  Niacin decreases cholesterol and lipoprotein levels


Healthy gums Vitamin C is essential for healthy gums

Healthy digestion Due to its relatively high water content and reasonable amount of fibre, the lychee fruit is a wonderful digestive tool and can rid the body of detrimental toxins as well as prevent constipation


Immune system health Oligonol has been shown to have anti-influenza virus capacities.  The abundance of Vitamin C in lychee fruits (100 grams has over 100% of the daily recommended intake) helps bolster up the immune system and ward off innumerable diseases and infections and build up immunities to them.  Copper helps make healthy red blood cells, which keep the immune system in good shape.  The lychee fruit has also been rumored to do wonders to curb fevers and relieve sore throats




Anti-oxidant properties Copper may have some anti-oxidant abilities including building up healthy skin collagen.   In addition to copper, the lychee fruit contains anti-oxidant Vitamin C, which also does wonders for the skin by staving off wrinkles and fine lines and increasing skin elasticity.  Both B-complex vitamins and Vitamin C renew healthy skin, hair and nails




Besides having no fat, no cholesterol and only a measly, peasly 6 calories per fruit, the innocuous looking little lychee also has the following advantages


Diuretic properties The lychee fruit has a high water content and is a diuretic, and both of these factors contribute to a more regular flushing out of the body and subsequent weight loss


Fibre A 100 gram serving of lychee fruit contains 1.4 grams of fibre, and fibre too, helps flush out the system and promote steady weight loss


Metabolic advantages Copper helps make energy for the body.  Oligonol purportedly boosts energy.  B-complex vitamins help metabolize carbs, protein and fat

Muscles Potassium helps the muscles stay strong and contract properly, both certainly beneficial to effective and healthy exercising




This fantastically sweet and delicious fruit is wonderful eaten as-is, and is often served as a refreshing after-dinner guilt-free dessert treat at Chinese food restaurants

These plump juicy morsels are the perfect inclusion to a festive fruit saladAnd speaking of, or writing of salads, lychee fruit juice combined with fine balsamic vinegar, some tangy Dijon mustard, a quality turn of EVOO and some favorite seasonings to taste, makes for a delightful vinaigrette

You can make a unique lychee fruit syrup to drizzle over your Sunday morning whole grain pancake stack or batch of light and fluffy Belgian waffles

Spend an afternoon with friends or family getting messy in the kitchen while telling stories and making a huge kettle of sweet and sumptuous lychee fruit jam or jelly

A lychee fruit glaze would be an inventive twist to a holiday baked ham.  Or, make a sweet and savory chopped lychee fruit, lemon and thyme edible garnish for a pair of healthy grilled tuna steaks; a garnish that is easily turned into a tasty salsa with the inclusion of chopped tomatoes and onions

Make an easy, breezy batch of lychee fruit ice cream, gelato or sorbet

For a tantalizing al fresco dinner party drink, grab these three simple ingredients: vodka, lychee juice and vermouth, and shake up a slew of lychee fruit martinis

Lychee season!

Lychee season! (Photo credit: Raymond Yee)

Interesting fact about the lychee fruit:  Lychee actually means “a gift for a joyful life” in Chinese.  How appropriate!


k10585735 Celery is often underestimated only as a negative-calorie diet food. Even though it is true that celery is low in calories, it definitely is not low in nutritional content. Full of vitamins A, B, C and K, high in magnesium, calcium and potassium, celery boosts your immunity and relaxes the nervous system, decreasing blood pressure and

soothing insomnia. Research has shown that celery has cancer fighting compounds and has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. The stems, leaves and seeds can all be used for consumption


Blood pressure Celery contains phthalides, which relax the arterial muscles that regulate blood pressure allowing the blood vessels to expand and creating more space for the blood to flow. The magnesium, calcium and potassium in celery also help to lower blood pressure

Fights Cancer According to a study of Rutgers University in New Jersey, celery contains anti-cancer compounds, including Acetylenics which has shown to stop the growth of tumorous cells

Anti-inflammatory Apigenin, a highly active bioflavonoid found in celery, effectively stops inflammation. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, celery is an excellent food for people suffering from arthritis, rheumatism and gout

Immune System Rich in vitamin C, celery boosts the immune system

Lowers Cholesterol the phalides in celery have been found to lower cholesterol

Insomnia the minerals in celery, which include calcium, have a calming effect on the nervous system, helping you to relax and sleep

weight loss Diuretic the sodium and potassium in celery help the body get rid of excess fluids

weight loss

Low in calories as a negative-calorie food, you burn more calories when eating celery then you gain

Fiber high in fiber, your body needs to work to digest celery, making you burn calories The fiber also helps with healthy bowel movements


oily skin celery water, applied to the face at night after cleaning, can greatly help against oily skin. Cut celery leafs in pieces, soak in hot water for half an hour and refrigerate

hair growth  for luscious and soft hair, boil a tea from celery leaves and stems, strain and add the juice of one lemon. Use it to rinse the hair after washing


Celery makes for a great snack 

Eat the stalks raw by itself, with a delicious low-fat dip, like hummus, a nut butter

Apple and celery salad, a match made in heaven. Toss in a mustard vinaigrette and top with walnuts for a delicious Waldorf style salad

A chunky vegetable soup with celery, carrots and potatoes, made with a good quality vegetable broth is both nutritious and warming on cold winter days

Detoxifying and refreshing, celery juice rehydrates and alkalizes the body. It is perfect for mixing with other vegetables and fruits, like broccoli, apple and carrots

Ricotta cheese and dried fruits make an delicious stuffing, or a vegan variation of tahini and raisins


The health benefits of Duck

(Even the fat)

Most people love duck for its UN mistakable delectable taste however they don’t realise the nutritional benefits are also excellent. Duck is very high in protein and minerals such as selenium, phosphorous, zinc, iron copper and sodium. Vitamins, riboflavin, niacin, thiamine, pantothenic acid, vitamin b6 and b12 are in abundance. The meat itself with fat removed is lower in fat than chicken meat. It has a high content of fats directly under the skin and is healthy in moderation as it contains good fats as well as saturated fat. Over half the total fat  content is monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. It is thought to be better than the fat of butter or beef as the fat solidifies at a much lower temperature. It behaves more like olive oil. Some benefits of the components above are


Antioxidant Selenium helps to protect cells from free radicals. These compounds increase the risk of heart disease and cancer. A serving of 100 grams of duck provides about 43 percent of the daily requirement for selenium

Helps Anaemia Vitamin B12 assists in prevention, phosphorous assists in converting food into energy and Iron assists the formation of haemoglobin in red blood cells

Immune system is assisted by Zinc and selenium, due to its antioxidant properties in turn improves immunity

Overall Physical and Mental Health is assisted by Copper. Our bodies need copper; it is an essential trace mineral that is vitally important for both physical and mental health

Bone Health improves mineral density and decrease bone turnover assisting issues such as osteoporosis

Weight loss

Aids Metabolism Vitamin B helps to metabolise fatty acids and amino acids. Omega-6 which is an polyunsaturated fatty acid that helps to regulate the metabolism by communicating to the body to burn fat not store it

High Protein levels assist with satiety (feeling full for longer) I would recommend just eating the duck meat as with chicken if you are trying to lose weight which is still super tasty


Healthy skin and Hair because of the Riboflavin giving us 28 percent of our daily needs in 100gms Niacin is also responsible for good skin. Omega 3 and 6 in the fat is also an excellent support to skin and hair promoting growth

Rosecea and Eczema are also assisted with omega 6


 Master stock Is a chinese word which refers to a stock which is repeatedly reused to poach and braise the meat. It has its origins Chinese Cuisine and is typically used in Cantonese and Fujian cuisines

Roasting at a reasonably high temperature after pricking the skin with a fork to penetrate the fat, not the meat of the skin and continuously basting with the fat in the bottom of the pan during cooking to keep it moist

Confit  is pronounced ‘confee’. It is quite possibly the single most abused word in the culinary dictionary. Confit is the name given to a meat which has been cooked in its own fat and then covered and preserved in the same fat to prevent it from spoiling

 Grilling usually involves a significant amount of direct, radiant heat, and tends to be used for cooking meat quickly. This is suitable for the breast meat, a recommend scoring the kin, seasoning and grilling the skin side first until most of the fat has rendered out of the skin before turning it over for a pink moist, crisp, non fatty result

Pot roasted for a long and slow this is a very beneficial cookery method for older or free range birds where there is less fat and tougher but very flavoursome meat, it’s great to flake the meat through a sauce and sere with pasta or a risotto

“So now there are many more reasons to indulge in this delectable meat”


There are multiple benefits in adding beetroot to your diet. Beetroot is a natural detoxifier and blood purifier. its high in pro-vitamin A, vitimans B1, B2, B3, B6 and C. Its high in fiber, folic acid, iodine add to the list magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron, in fact there is more iron in young beetroot leaves than in spinach leaves


Immune system  beetroot encourages the production of antibodies that fight against disease or infection inside our body. The white blood cells including leukocytes and phagocytes are responsible for fighting infection. Beetroot gives them nutritional support to carry out this purpose

Antioxidant Beetroot is also a beneficial antioxidant which provides better health and support for our liver and kidneys

Heart Disease and Cancer Due to manganese which is really necessary for the formation of interferon that is a potent anticancer substance and beet’s color is red because of the betanin pigment found in beet. This betanin pigment is also known as a prominent anthocyanin antioxidant by fighting free radicals in the body

Blood Pressure Beetroot juice has been shown to reduce high blood pressure. It affects an estimated 25% of the world’s adult population, drinking 500 ml of beetroot juice a day can significantly reduce high blood pressure, for over 24 hours after drinking

It can also assist in over coming constipation, piles, poor circulation, kidney disorders, dandruff, gall bladder disorders, coronary heart disease, strokes and anemia


High Fiber and is beneficial to the digestive system

Laxative Beetroot has a laxative effect, assisting bloating and constipation

Low in calories Its great if you are on a calorie restricted diet


Young and Healthy Beetroot is rich in iron.It boosts red blood cells with required iron and facilitates the supply of oxygen towards the cells making our body healthy and young

Beetroot juice on your face You can apply beetroot juice to your face to hydrate the skin’s surface and give it an extra boost of nutrients, leave on clean face for about 15 minutes and then wash off

Acne treatment it can also be used topically for acne but needs to be diluted first

Healing Wounds Beetroot leaves are also good for curing wounds


I grow beetroot in my own garden and it tastes sweet and fantastic, I love juicing it, home-grown beetroot tastes so sweet

Use the baby beetroot leaves in salads, they will continue to grow and replenish

Remember golden beetroot, baby ones in a goat cheese, pistachio nut salad with a rhubarb dressing “delectable”

Make Beetroot Pickles, chutney and relish when they are seasonally abundant, add some balsamic vinegar for a twist

It’s a great addition to chocolate cake, get fussy kids to eat it and can be used in many desserts.A great spice carrier too if used in place of a fruit coulis a sweet beetroot puree with a citrus dessert

Make a dip boil, peel, blend, add tahini paste, roast cumin seeds, a little marmalade, lemon juice and olive oil

Borscht the traditional Russian beetroot soup is fantastic, if you have not tried this classic you really need too

Make vegetable chips, slice thinly, bake on canola sprayed grease proof paper sprinkled with sea salt

Roast and serve in salads for colour and flavour, beetroot, orange, walnut and persian feta is a favorite

“So put away the can opener, there is more than the tinned stuff on the supermarket shelf and buy these beautiful ruby globes, give your body a kick start to the weekend today”