Ladies …….. Did you know too much Adrenalin upsets the livers cortisol making you fat, stupid and sick?

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Read on to learn how to get your Sizzle back

Yep, Its True Wellness Makes you thin , healthy and smart

So what causes it you ask?  Well here are a few and most we can control with lifestyle change

Poor Diet Eating too many carbs can disrupt cortisol and some corticosteroids (a blood pressure-stabilizing hormone)

The immune response in your gut is controlled by cortisol. Hence, if you’re stressed, the immune response in your gut suffers, the gut tissue becomes damaged, and good bacteria give way to bad bacteria, causing immune weakening

Unresolved Emotional stress such as Worry, Anger, Guilt, Anxiety, Fear, Depression

Environmental and physical stress such as Excessive exercise, Exposure to industrial and environmental toxins, Chronic or severe allergies, Overwork, either physical or mental, Surgery, Late hours, insufficient sleep, Trauma, injury, Temperature extremes, chronic illness, Light cycle disruption (shift work) and chronic pain

Inflammation in your body Inflammation has been scientifically connected to almost every disease you can think of, from diabetes to cancer, and when chronic, it stresses your system, including your adrenals

Hypothyroidism is an underactive thyroid. Thyroid function is diagnosed by a blood test, but there’s some controversy over what is normal and what’s not

 Among the key hormones produced by the adrenals are adrenaline which fuels the bodies fight or flight response cortisol , a relative of the drugs predisone and cortisone; DHEA. The ongoing balance between cortisol and DHEA is especially important for creating health daily

Cortisol in the right amounts enhances your body’s natural resistance and endurance It;

Stimulates the liver to convert amino acids into glucose, a primary fuel for energy production, Counters allergies and inflammation, Helps regulate mood and maintain emotional stability, Stimulates increased production of glycogen in the liver for storage of glucose, Maintains resistance to the stress of infections, physical trauma, emotional trauma, temperature extremes and so on

So what can I do to enhance the right balance you ask?

 Through foods such as regularly eating or drinking fermented foods or beverages , which dramatically increases the beneficial bacteria in your body, keffir, kombucha tea, miso and kimchee are all good examples (which automatically will help decrease pathogenic bacteria)

To eat a diet low in sugars and carbs, as that will also promote a healthy gut flora

Stress Less read the factors above and whether the stress causes on the body are emotional or physical their all “baddies”, wellness means a healthy balance of many ailments for a balanced body resulting in health and well being

(Dendrites are an important part of nerve cells. The dendrites are responsible for picking up information from neighboring neurons, so happy thoughts create healthy bodies)

Our dendrites connect neurons bio chemically

Reduce Inflammation Again through our foods there are many that counter inflammation such as Asparagus, Beans, Broccoli, Carrots, Cayenne pepper, Celery, Cherries, Cinnamon, Citrus, Dark chocolate, Dark green veggies, Fresh soy beans, Fish, Flaxseed oil, Flax seeds, Garlic, Ginger, Lean meat, Olive Oil, Omega 3 enriched eggs, Onion, Pineapple, Pomegranates, Salmon, Soy, Green and White Tea, Turmeric, Walnuts and Whole Wheat

Another helper of inflammation is grounding or earthing, which requires nothing more than taking off your shoes and walking barefoot outside on the beach is fantastic if you are near, it helps dissipate inflammation due to potent anti-inflammatory action

Hypothyroidism Many alternative doctors feel the conventional reference ranges are far too broad, and choose to treat people exhibiting sub-clinical thyroid symptoms, it’s your choice conventional medicine or non

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Inflammation seems to be another Western lifestyle Illness often bought on by low-grade systemic inflammation due to excessive belly fat, poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, and gum disease

Many scientists now believe that most chronic diseases may have the same common denominator, inflammation and has been linked to everything from heart attacks and strokes to type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and even cancer

Check the Lists below and see if you may be able to help your body by ensuring your diet is rich in the right foods and poor in the wrong foods

ANTI INFLAMMATORY FOODS, These a the Good Guys the Right Foods

Asparagus,Beans,Broccoli,Carrots,Cats Whiskers,Carob,Chickweed,Cayenne pepper,Celery,Cherries,Cinnamon,Citrus,Chicory,Chamomile,Dark chocolate,Dark green veggies,Elderberry,Fish high in omega Salmon, Sardines, Mackrel,Fennel,Flaxseed oil,Flax seeds,Garlic,Ginger,Gotu Kola,Horseradish,Indian Ginseng,Linseed Oil,Lean meat,Mallow,Nettle,Olive Oil,Omega 3 enriched eggs,Onion,Pineapple,Pomegranates,Rosemary, Soy & soy beans,Green and White Tea,Turmeric,Walnuts, Wasabi, Whole Grains,Yarrow

PRO INFLAMMATORY FOODS, These are the bad guys the wrong foods

Baked and bakery goods,Candy,Cereals,Corn syrup,Corn starch,Crackers,Crossiants,Fast food,Flour,Fried food,Fruit juice eat the real thing,Granola,Honey,Icecream and frozen yoghurt, Muffins, Noodles, Pancakes,Pasta,Pastry,Pie,Pitta bread,Pizza,Popcorn,Potato chips, Potatoes ,Rice, Sherbet, Soft drink, Refined Sugar

 When you read the lists its pretty self explanatory  there are natural foods that cause inflammation too however I think its fair to say most of Western diets causes are due to highly processed technology foods

Some more Food for Thought 




Health benefits of Brussels Sprouts

This cruciferous member of the cabbage family is often avoided or ridiculed for the not-so-pleasant sulfuric smell it emits, but it would be a shame to so readily dismiss this adorable little mini-cabbage with its powerhouse contents.  Brussels sprouts are chockful of vital nutrients including vitamins A, B6, C K, E, fiber, folate, omega-3 fatty acids, manganese and potassium


Many wizened health enthusiasts have embraced this palm-sized veggie and made it part and parcel of their dietary regime because of the astounding array of health benefits it awards including but not limited to

Anti-inflammatory properties The glucosinolates and omega 3 fatty acids found in Brussels sprouts assist in the regulation of the body’s inflammatory system.  Vitamin K does wonders, as well, in regulating inflammatory responses and curtailing chronic inflammation.  Brussels sprouts have been known to help ease rheumatoid arthritis

Cancer prevention The glucosinolates and isothiocyanates inherent in Brussels sprouts have been shown to combat, and in some cases prevent, certain cancers such as bladder, breast, colon, lung, ovarian and prostate

Cholesterol Brussels sprouts are a 100% cholesterol-free food which is wonderful news for those trying to lower or maintain their cholesterol levels.The high fibre content of Brussels sprouts helps lower cholesterol levels by binding with bile acids in the liver and excreting them more easily

DNA Daily consumption of brussels sprouts can offer DNA protection and stablization in our white blood cells

Healthy bones  The vitamin K inherent in Brussels sprouts increases bone mineral density and its abundance of vitamin C proves vital for developing healthy bone collagen

Heart health Brussels sprouts are rich in the compound isothicyanate sulforaphane which has anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent and repair blood vessel damage as well as protect one against heart attacks and arteriosclerosis.  Vitamin C plays a role in the development of collagen in the blood vessels and helps keep them strong.  Vitamin C can also fight hypertension and lower blood pressure

Immune booster  Brussels sprouts are laden with vitamin C which is essential for bolstering up the body’s immune system

Weight loss

Low calories Brussels sprouts are a fat-free, low calorie and highly portable snack  You certainly cannot go wrong at only fifty-six calories per cup!  So pop them like candy to keep yourself full and satisfied throughout the day

Fibre one cup serving of Brussels sprouts has four grams of soluble fiber which is crucial in aiding the digestive process and eliminating excess waste in a quick fashion which of course we all love when trying to shed those unwanted pounds

Detox A surprising fact about sulfur that may afford it some more due respect is that it is essential for beefing up the body’s natural detoxification system


Antioxidant properties are abundant in Brussels sprouts due to their wealth of vitamins A, C, E, manganese and various other important flavonoids,all of which protect the body’s cells against oxidative stress.  Vitamin C, in particular, is noteworthy for producing healthy collagen in the skin which can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles


A hot tip to lessen that nefarious sulfur smell?   Don’t overcook them!  It is excessive cooking that turns these otherwise beautiful crisp little cabbages into the nasty smelling mush that has given them a bad rap for far too long. Like most “super veggies,” their nutritional integrity remains intact the less you tamper with them.  Ideally, you want them to just reach tenderness   Your imagination is the limit after that

So steam them in a shallow pan of water or one of those handy dandy bamboo steamer baskets for four to eight minutes, tops.  After their steam bath, you can dress them on up with an easy lemon vinaigrette and then toss in a handful of sliced almonds and a dousing of tangy crumbled cheese like feta for an impressive side dish or entrée salad.

Or, brush them with some good olive oil, sprinkle on your favorite seasonings to taste, throw in some sliced shallots and give them all a ten minute pan fry, turning them over after five.  The sprouts will be a tasty sumptous golden brown with an ever-so-slight crunch

My personal favorite is steamed with nut brown butter and crushed roasted pecan nuts,

Happy Cooking




Chillies are hot! When spicing up your food with this little hot pepper, the health benefits of chillies should not be taken for granted. Full of Capsaicin, which is responsible for the spicy taste, chillies lower blood sugar levels, boost immune system, reduce inflammation and improve circulation. Other nutritional benefits of chillies include a rich vitamins A, C and K content and lycopene, which has a reputation of preventing certain types of cancer


Antioxidant Vitamins A and C in chillies make it a powerful antioxidant, preventing cell damage and cancer, while supporting the immune system

Blood sugar Research by the University of Tasmania indicated that eating chillies in normal amounts significantly helps to balance insulin levels. During the research, they found that 60% less insulin was needed to lower blood sugar after a meal

Circulation The main component of chillies, capsaicin, works as a blood thinner, increasing circulation and helping to prevent strokes

Inflammation and pain relieve  Capsaicin is also responsible for reducing inflammation and blocks pain transmissions from inflamed areas. These properties make chillies and excellent food source for people with auto-inflammatory diseases like arthritis

Fights cancer  Lycopene, found in capsaicin, is a carotenoid abundantly found in red peppers and known to destroy the primary types of prostate cancer cells


Anti-aging The antioxidants in chillies prevent and slow down free radicals that cause the breaking down of cells, protecting your skin from damage by sun and other external influences. Capsaicin also inhibits the activation of nuclear transcription factors triggered by UV rays, therefore lowering the risk of skin damage by the sun

Healthy hair  For thick and healthy hair, mix some cayenne pepper with olive oil till it forms a paste and massage into the scalp. Allow to sit for approximately 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly. A mask of cayenne pepper, made from ground chillies, increases the blood flow to the scalp and stimulates the hair follicles, benefiting hair growth


Fat burning the capsaicin found in chillies is responsible for increasing the metabolism and boosting the fat burning process. Studies found that the metabolic rate increases over 20% for a couple of hours after eating chillies


Fresh chillies can be used to spice up soups, curries, pasta sauces and salad dressings. Just cut the chillies open, remove the seeds and chop finely before adding it to the dish. Cooking chillies allows for an infusion of the spice and flavor, but overcooking them makes them bitter

A salsa is a great way to add flavor and a kick to your favorite dishes. Mixing tomatoes, raw onions, cilantro, Jalapeño chili pepper, lemon juice and some salt makes a fresh and traditional Mexican salsa

Dried chillies are a versatile condiment to have. Chili powder is a key ingredient for curry spice mixes or for a warming bean Chile. Dried chili flakes make for a great way to spice up any meal, just by sprinkling a little over your dish

Dark chocolate and spiced tea that contain chillies are two other creative ways to use this healthy and hot red pepper

Make your body sizzle today and add some hot sexy chillies to your life




As nature’s own anti-inflammatory pills, the health benefits of cherries include reduction of inflammation, prevention of heart disease, promotion of weight-loss and the destruction of cancer cells. But the nutritional value of cherries goes even further than that. Antioxidants in cherries protect the brain from damage and have amazing anti-aging properties, while melatonin supports the body’s sleep cycles. Cherries come in sweet and tart variations, with most health benefits accredited to the tart cherry


Anti Inflammatory Cherries are extremely rich in anthocyanins, a powerful antioxidant that is responsible for the fruit’s red pigment. Fighting cyclooxygenase enzymes, the anthocyanins in cherries are said to be as powerful as substances found in anti-inflammatory drugs, but without the bad side-effects

Heart According to a study by the University of Michigan, eating cherries contributes towards a healthy heart. The study revealed that a cherry rich diet decreases inflammation, body weight and cholesterol, which are all major factors for heart-health

Brain The antioxidants in cherries protect the brain by neurtalizing free radicals that are produced by the brain when it uses oxygen through mental activity. This property may make cherries an important fruit in preventing Alzheimers disease

Fights Cancer  Antioxidants in cherries, like anthocyanins, are found to inhibit the growth and development of cancer cells. Tart cherries contain more of these cancer-fighting antioxidants than its sweet variation.

Aids sleep cycle Rich in melatonin, cherries help sooth the nervous system, relieving insomnia and supporting the body’s sleep cycles.



Anti-aging the antioxidants in cherries help repair damage to cells in our bodies, slowing down the aging process.

Beauty sleep thanks to the melatonin in cherries, which aids in restful sleep, this fruit will help you look fresh and rested.


cherries are a great snack or make a healthy addition to your breakfast cereal, smoothies and desserts.

Make a healthier version if the classic cherry tart by substituting part of the flour by whole-wheat flour, using an unrefined sugar and adding Greek yoghurt

sauce made from cherries tastes great with roasted duck or chicken. For an Asian twist on this sauce, add some lemon juice, ginger and soy sauce to the classic combination of cherries and port

Or pickled in mirin, they are fantastic all year round

“Sweeten up the love of your life by sharing a beaudelicous bowl of cherries”




Brown pears and pears in general, are excellent sources of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E, K, boron, copper, quercetin, folic acid, niacin, potassium and water-soluble fiber


All around the world, men and women are seeking out this delightfully curvaceous fruit in the produce aisle and making it a diet regime staple due to its year-round availability, sweet deliciousness and dazzling array of health benefits.

Blood Sugar Pears have a low glycemic index value and their consumption results in a slower rise in blood sugar and insulin, making them a valuable management tool for diabetics

Bone Health Due to the pear’s internal wealth of boron, regular ingestion of the fruit may do wonders for your bone health.  Boron assists in healthy functioning of calcium and magnesium and can even slow down osteoporosis

Cancer Prevention Pears are incredibly fiber-rich and that fiber may aid in the prevention of colon cancer due, in part, to its effectiveness in waste removal. The hydroxycinnamic acid in pears may also prevent stomach and lung cancer.  Vitamin C, vitamin K, copper and the important flavonoid quercetin are all potent antioxidants which fight against cell-harming free radicals

Fitness The pear’s rich composition of vitamin C assists in maintaining a normalized metabolism, and its high concentration of fructose and glucose means quick energy for your workouts

 Heart Health Quercetin is a potent antioxidant inherent in the pear that can stave off heart-disease-causing artery damage.  Brown pears are also rich in heart-friendly pectin, potassium and vitamin K.  Pectin is a type of water-soluble fiber that helps eliminate fatty substances in the digestive tract which can result in lower cholesterol levels  Potassium can also help lower blood pressure.  Vitamin K is said to assist in blood clotting

Immune System Due to the pear’s wonderful wealth of antioxidants, it can boost your immune system and serve as a terrific preventive measure.  Vitamin C stimulates white blood cells to fight infections and viruses.  And the pear’s remarkable cooling effects have been known to soothe sore throats and vocal cords and bring down high temps and fevers

Inflammation  Pears can also appease inflammation and are helpful in treating membrane afflictions, arthritis, colitis and gout


Tissue Repair   Vitamin C aids in tissue repair



High Fiber pectin in brown pears is a little weight loss warrior.  This water-soluble fiber actually promotes healthy elimination of fatty substances.  The high amount of fiber in pears will make you feel full and satisfied for a minimal amount of calories and no guilt


Brown pears are delicious eaten raw or cooked.  Try to leave the skin on, if you can, for maximum health benefits

Slice a pear into your favorite healthy cereal, snack yoghurt or gourmet salad

You can poach them in wine or make a simple yet luscious pear bake with brown sugar or a fantastic cherub

Chargrill on the Bbq serve with caremilised honey and marscapone

Pear juice is a wonderful way to cool down in the summer and there are also several supremely tasty pear-distilled liqueurs out there for sampling at your next cocktail or dinner party


“Plant pears for your heirs.” ~ English proverb