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English: mushrooms (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Health Benefits of Mushrooms

Mushrooms are laden with nutritional goodness including Vitamin D aka the “sunshine vitamin,” B vitamins such as niacin, pantothenic acid and riboflavin, Beta-glucans, copper, ergothioneine, good fibre content, potassium, selenium and long-chain polysaccharides 


These astoundingly powerful little fungi are a perennial favorite in the produce aisle amongst health-minded individuals as they are practically limitless in variety, eager sponges to soak up flavor and have innumerable health benefits including but not limited to

Anti-cancer properties Mushrooms have been shown to reduce the risk of certain forms of cancer.  Selenium has the ability to protect women from bladder cancer.  They also contain “aromatase inhibitors,” which may prevent the development of breast cancer in women.  In addition, mushrooms contain certain compounds, still being studied, that show promise in halting prostate enlargement and prohibiting prostate cancer in men

Bone health Copper and Vitamin D both help maintain strong and healthy bones less likely to lose mass as one ages.  Vitamin D, in particular, helps absorb calcium, which is critical for good bone health and can prevent osteoporosis

Diabetes help Mushrooms are incredibly low on the glycemic index and consuming mushrooms on a regular basis can help lower blood glucose levels

Digestive system health Niacin helps the digestive system function properly

Heart health Selenium is a mineral that works much like an anti-oxidant by shielding the body’s cells from harmful free radicals that could lead to coronary disease.  Potassium helps regulate blood pressure.  The relatively high insoluble fibre content in mushrooms can help lower and maintain healthy blood cholesterol levels.  Anti-oxidant ergothioneine prevents atherosclerosis.  Mushrooms are cholesterol-free, virtually fat-free and low in sodium, all news to cheer about for those concerned about their heart health

Immune system health Mushrooms are known to have strong anti-biotic properties and such modern medicines as penicillin and tetracycline actually derive from this miracle fungus.   Because of their long-chain polysaccharides, selenium content and rare anti-oxidant ergothioneine, mushrooms have outstanding effects on the immune system such as fighting infections and decreasing inflammation.  Riboflavin maintains healthy red blood cells and Beta-glucans are natural immune system boosters

Men’s health Selenium has been said to increase fertility in men

Nervous system health Copper, niacin, pantothenic acid and potassium all work to ensure a well-functioning nervous system

Urinary system health Selenium does wonders in maintaining a healthy bladder



Anti-oxidant properties Ergothioneine is a lesser-known anti-oxidant that protects the body’s cells from free radical damage.  Cremini and Portobello mushrooms, in particular, are extremely high in their anti-oxidant prowess.  Anti-oxidants will strengthen your hair follicles and make you less likely to experience split ends.  They make the skin more supple and elastic and the nails strong and resilient.




Nutritional intake Mushrooms are extremely low in calories, ranging between 15 and 42 calories per cup, dependent, of course, on the variety of mushroom.  They are also completely fat-free, cholesterol-free and quite low in sodium.  Rich in fibre and readily absorbent of flavor, they are a fantastic means of sating your hunger and taste cravings while making your belly feel full.  Their decent fibre content, especially when cooked and rid of their water content, will keep your body flushed out on a regular basis, which of course means more regular weight loss


Metabolism Beta-glucans help metabolize fats and sugars in the body and B-vitamins are notorious for converting carbohydrates into much needed fuel to give you energy throughout your day.  B-vitamins also assist in successfully metabolizing fats and proteins




Mushrooms come in such a wide gamut of varieties you can spend your whole culinary existence having fun experimenting with different shapes, textures and flavor profiles

Stuffed mushroom caps as an appetizer are always a big hit at parties or use big ones for a meal all on their own.  First, line a lightly oiled baking tray with your favorite fresh, stemmed mushrooms.  In a bowl, combine roughly cut cashew nuts, a few minced garlic cloves, a couple of turns of quality EVOO, a splash of lemon juice,baby spinach and finish with a dollop of persian fetta  Stuff the mushroom cavities and bake them in the oven for a good twenty minutes or so.

For a sumptuous appetizer, or even a meal in and of itself on a cold winter’s day, concoct a steaming pot of cannelini bean and mushroom soup.  All you need are cooked cannelini beans, tahini paste, some butter,  chicken or vegetable broth, as many of your favorite mushrooms, two minced garlic cloves, an onion, two ribs of celery, salt and pepper to taste.

Portobello mushroom and Lentil burgers are a popular favorite amongst vegans, vegetarians and carnivores alike as they are thick and meaty and stand up well to grilling.  Spice them as you would your favorite burger using lentil patties as the bread, thrown on a slice of grilled haloumi cheese, some avocado, fresh rocket and well grilled mushies, top with some homemade tomato relish, and you will be in savory burger heaven.

“I am… a mushroom; On whom the dew of heaven drops now and then.” ~John Ford

Portobello mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



White necatrine and its cross section isolated...

White necatrine and its cross section isolated on a white background (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Benefits of Nectarines


These non-fuzzy fruits that are often confused with peaches contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Beta-carotenes, bioflavonoids, calcium, carotenoids, fibre, folic acid, iron, lutein, magnesium, natural sugars, pantothenic acid, potassium, phosphorous, pyridoxine and thiamine



The smooth nectarine has long-earned its favorable ranking amongst health-minded individuals who loves its white or sweet yellow-pinkish flesh and its outstanding health benefits including but not limited to

Anti-cancer properties Vitamin A, Vitamin C, beta-carotene and lutein are all mighty anti-oxidants that help stave off certain forms of cancer.  Carotenoids reduce cell damage due to the burning of oxygen in the body.  Lutein may also decrease your risk of developing cancer.  Eating nectarines on a more regular basis has been shown to prevent one from developing oral cavity cancer, in particular

Arthritis Anti-oxidant Vitamin C fights off free radicals that often cause inflammation in individuals afflicted with osteo-arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

 Blood health Magnesium produces healthy red blood cells in the body

Bone health / teeth health Vitamin A and Vitamin C (in its form as ascorbic acid) build and maintain healthy and strong bones and teeth.  And speaking of Vitamin A, beta-carotene is a crucial anti-oxidant that actually turns into Vitamin A in the body!  If you don’t have enough beta-carotene in your diet, you will consequently not have enough Vitamin A and that could lead to poor or even abnormal bone development.  Vitamin C plays an important role in repairing bones, cartilage, ligaments and tendons

Digestive health Potassium can increase metabolism and aids in the proper digestion of carbohydrates.  The nectarine’s rich fibre content can relieve constipation

Eye health Beta-carotene promotes healthy vision and can prevent age-related macular degeneration.  Nutrient lutein also supports healthy eyes

Heart Health Vitamin C is known to lower blood pressure and fight atherosclerosis.  Both potassium and fibre are phenomenal substances for the heart.  They can help keep your cholesterol levels in check and lower your blood pressure, as well.  Nectarines have no cholesterol, no saturated fat and no sodium, all of which are huge plusses for those taking careful stock of their heart

Immune system health Vitamin C is an incredible champion for the immune system and can help heal wounds, form healthy scar tissue and ward off innumerable infections and diseases ranging from the common cold to the flu.  Vitamin A maintains healthy mucous membranes

pH balance Potassium regulates proper pH balance in the body


 Skin health Vitamin C keeps skin tissue strong and produces collagen

Anti-oxidant properties Vitamin A, Vitamin C, beta-carotene and lutein are powerful anti-oxidants in their own right and help fend off cell-damaging free radicals.  Vitamin A and lutein promote healthy, supple skin.  All of these anti-oxidants strengthen the hair and nails and make them strong and less prone to splitting and breakage



Fibre Since nectarines are a great source of dietary fibre with    2.4 grams per medium-sized fruit, eating them will allow you to feel full longer, and can thus keep your appetite at bay, reduce your cravings for empty calories and reduce your overall calorie consumption


Metabolism Potassium is said to improve your metabolism, which can help you keep moving and exercising more regularly and as a result, speed up weight loss

Nutritional Intake Nectarines are extremely low in calories with approximately 50-60 in one medium-sized fruit.  They are sodium-free, have no saturated fat and only half a gram of total fat


Make sure the ones you choose have tight, wrinkle-free skin and a slight give to them when you press them with a finger

They are wonderful eaten raw, and especially with the skin on, as it maximizes their nutritional effectiveness, not to mention gives you additional fibre

Spend a homey day rolling up your sleeves and getting messy in the kitchen making a batch of Nectarine jam or jelly that you can enjoy spread  your Sunday morning biscuits or scones, or bottle with a self-designed label, ribbon, and give away as thoughtful gifts for Christmas

Nectarines make for sweet and unique inclusions when chopped up and combined in a spicy-sweet salsa or ceviche

Looking for a scrumptious and impressive appetizer that is oh so simple to put together?  Just slice some Fresh heavy rye bread and spread with goat cheese (herbed or plain), place a ripe nectarine on the cheese, drizzle with a little honey and sprinkle with toasted almonds

Nectarines, especially when combined with peaches, plums orange juice, chopped garlic cloves, onion and red peppers, butter substitute, honey and soy sauce make for lip-smacking sweet and sour sauces perfect for Asian-style or fusion stir-fries utilizing your favorite lean proteins such as chicken breast or pork

A nectarine cobbler is a nice break from the traditional peach one and is as luscious as it is easy to compose.  Merely melt some butter in an oven-proof baking dish, mix flour, sugar and milk into a batter, pour into the baking dish, scatter a whole bunch of beautiful, fresh nectarine wedges across the batter, bake at in a moderate oven for an hour and serve with greek style yoghurt or soured cream

“What wondrous life is this I lead! Ripe apples drop about my head; The luscious clusters of the vine Upon my mouth do crush their wine; The nectarine, and curious peach, Into my hands themselves do reach; Stumbling on melons, as I pass, Ensnared with flowers, I fall on grass.”

 ~Andrew Marvell

English: nectarine Deutsch: Nektarine

English: nectarine Deutsch: Nektarine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)









This amazing superfood has a component that makes them blue is called Anthocyanin, wild berries have over 40 percent more power busting ability so if you can grow your own even better. Its one of the many antioxidants in blue berries and they also contain truckloads of Vitamins A,B,C,K, selenium, copper, iron, zinc, phosphorous and plenty more, not only is it great for weight loss, anti aging and cancer fighting, it can help reduce belly fat the hardest fat to move read on for how


Depression its known to reduce the affects of this debilitating illness

Anti inflammatory high antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals attribute to this success

Cancer in particular of the colon, liver and ovaries due to Ellargic acid and pterostilbene, anthocyanin, copper & vitamin c

Heart Health  The dye released from the pigments in the skin of the blueberry, called anthocyanin is the source of powerful antioxidants used by the body to fight off high blood pressure and help strengthen blood vessels, leading to healthier blood pressure levels

Urinary tract infections Epicatechin works to prevent bacteria from attaching to the lining of the bladder tissue. This causes the bacteria to be eliminated through your urine rather than attaching to the bladder wall, where they start multiplying and ultimately causing infection.  Fructose, the sugar found naturally in fruit, may also be beneficial by interfering with bacterial adhesion

Eye Health degeneration can be delayed or prevented due to the antioxidant properties carotenoids, lutiens and zeaxanthin.Flavonoids such as resveritol, quertin and rutin. Anthocyanosides is excellent in the slowing of macular degeneration, cataracts, myopia and hypermetropia

Alziemers disease and brain health  The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of blueberries build a protective coat around the brain to fight signs of aging and deterioration. There is also evidence that blueberries may help to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disorders

Constipation the vitamins, sodium, copper, fructose and acids improve digestion and fiber eliminates constipation


Belly Fat In one animal study of rats that consumed two percent of their diet as blueberries had dramatic results after 90 days in they had significantly less belly fat

Low Calories & High Fiber only 78 calories in one cup and 3.8 gms of fiber a great choice for weightloss

High Antioxidant consumption New research from the University of Florida found that people who consume more antioxidants weigh less, even when they don’t eat fewer calories. The researchers developed an index that ranks the number of calories consumed from plant-based foods compared with overall daily calorie intake called the phyto chemical index, or PI score. A totally plant-based, vegan diet (excluding hard liquor and refined sugars)


Anti Aging due to Anthocyanin it’s believed to be the most powerful of all

Healthy Nails & Scar reduction by rubbing in blueberry oil every evening


No need to cook they are fantastic raw, however if you get your hands on them when they are plentiful and in season

You can freeze them and snack on them as they are

Roast them and mix with some wilted spinach, pan fried salmon fillet, chilli, almond flaxseed oil dressing to speed up the metabolism

Blueberry and maple syrup ice cream, maple syrup is full of good stuff too

Make a yummy summer blue berry trifle with ricotta, chai seed & spelt sponge, lemon myrtle jelly

Whiz them in your favorite smoothie

Blend some with watermelon and mint, top with greek style yoghurt and whole berries for a fantastic summer soup

With Facts that they achieve anti aging, reduced belly fat and depression, you can’t afford not to eat blue berries today, so go on treat yourself to these tasty morsels and get some and give yourself a fighting chance